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                           2006 - Meet the BIMCVT Relay for Life Team




A group of  four friends  met at Carmody's in 2006 to discuss where their next ride would be. Riding their motorcycle gave these four the sheer enjoyment of riding with friends, experiencing the freedom one feels manuvering their bikes on the curves of the road, feeling the wind in their faces and enjoying the natural surroundings that Vermont roads and the view of the mountains provides.  The four friends are: Robyn Andrews, Steve Love, Ed Raetz, and Lissa Stark.  Two friends rode Harley's  - Steve & Ed, one rode her Suzuki - Lissa, and the fourth friend rode her Triumph Bonneville - Robyn.


A bystander also at Carmody's that night overheard the group talking about riding their motorcycles and she asked why they didn't  think about startingt up a motorycle club.   Thus, after brainstorming, the group choose the name Bennington International Motorcycle Club, now known as BIMCVT.  The name was chosen to invite any and all who rode motorcycles regardless of the make and model of their bike to become members of BIMCVT.


For approximately 7 years BIMCVT hosted a ride to benefit the Relay for Life in June. The rides started at different locations but always ended at MAUHS field and track.  BIMCVT was invited to make a presentation just prior to the opening ceremonies.   The club entered the field and walked an honoray 1/2  lap around the track to the podium with  Easy Rider music blasting in the background.   This writer still gets goosebumps and still feels the thrill of  the warm welcome from those who encamped around the track.  The money raised was presented to the host of Relay for Life  and BIMCVT finished their final honorary 1/2 lap (again with Easy Rider music) exiting us off the track.   


Ernie Thompson, now President of BIMCVT with the prodding of Ed Raetz (former President) had the idea we should have a BIMCVT Bike Nite on the second Saturday in July.  So  July 2014 we had our first Bike Nite held on School Street and TD Bank parking lot.  July 10, 2016 we hosted our first Poker Ride-In.  This year BIMCVT moved its venue to the Bennington Station/Bennington Municipal Parking Lot  for the  July 9, 2016 venue.   We experienced the wrath of Mother Nature and those who joined us on Bike Nite we commend you for coming.  For those who joined us for the BIMCVT Poker Ride-In on July 10th, you are definitely motorcycle enthusiasts and we thank you.


Ride Safely!






2007 - Ronnie's Cycle, Bennington VT


2008 Ronnie's Cycle


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